The Digital Classicist Wiki

I have taken a practical step towards involvement in digital humanities by becoming an editor on the Digital Classicist Wiki. My participation takes two forms: bobbing up on the monthly sprint and chat room on the first Tuesday of the month, and editing the content of the site at other times.

I’m always a bit late to the party for the sprints because of not being free on the first Tuesday for much of the time when they happen. But I’ve been made welcome in the discussions in the chat room.

I’ve learnt the ropes about creating and editing pages on the site, by inspecting it and by having my contributions corrected by other editors. I’ve fixed or deleted some broken URLs and added some helpful navigation links. Possibly more usefully, I’ve delved into my back catalogue of classics resources, beginning with TOCS-IN, to which I used to contribute, and the VTS tutorial in Classics, which I worked on. I have details of dozens of resources, either in old messages from Humanist or other lists, or in my Diigo social bookmarking records. Some are out of date, duplicated by better resources or not perhaps of sufficient scholarly value for the wiki, but I’ve found quite a few to be worth adding and am gradually working my way through them.

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