My life as a blogger

I have written a number of blogs over the years.  The one most similar to this one is Volley, in which I put miscellaneous observations on computing technology and culture.  It’s been a bit quiet recently, but I still write for it occasionally.  There are a few entries relating specifically to digital humanities, such as a write-up of the first Digital Humanities Congress.  I may cross-post one or two other articles from it here.

I have from time to time contributed to blogs at work, such as Coffee with ILRT.  Probably I should have done more of this than I did, because one comment others make about all my blogs is that they are well written.  Part of the reason for blogging outside work is to keep my skills as a writer fresh and in use.

I maintain two blogs relating to my life outside work.  One, which I have written on average weekly since 2003, covers classical music performances I have given or heard.  It’s a kind of diary, so I have a record of what I’ve done (though I keep a spreadsheet of works I’ve performed as well), but it also gives an outlet for me to write about music and its associated culture.  The blog used to get comments regularly, though in recent years it’s become a lot quieter – there are so many more similar blogs now than there once were.  I know people read it though because sometimes they come up to me in choir and tell me!

Another blog, which I’ve kept on and off since 2005, contains book reviews.  These aren’t of best sellers, but are mostly of books (not all good ones) for which there are few other reviews online.  I’m writing quite a lot there this year, as I’ve resolved to read or at least look at one unread book in our house each week.


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