Grading in the NINES Classroom

NINES1April is Marking Month. I’m spending much of today in the NINES e-classroom, grading exhibits by students in Advanced English Research Methods. For their exhibits, the students drew on primary materials from The Yellow Nineties Online, a site I co-edit with Dennis Denisoff.  It’s fascinating to see how these undergrads have approached short stories in The Yellow Book.  A selection of titles: “Holding on to the past: Anti-Modernity in The Yellow Book”; “Cotterell’s ‘The Love Germ’: Critiquing Science in Romance”; “Memories of Decay: Decadence and Bohemianism in The Yellow Book”; “Imperial Fears and ‘The Enchanted Stone’”—the variety in this class of 80 students seems endless. YellowCoverAlison Hedley and I have had great fun co-instructing this course and encouraging students to see themselves as knowledge producers with ideas worth sharing publicly. Reg Beatty, our CDH manager, gets a shout out for helping students gain insight into the ways in which design supports the argument and affects the online reading experience. Now to get back to my marking . . .

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra

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