Defining Digital Moments

Defined by almost an invisible digital footprint,  we sometimes can see where we left a creative impression, often using a mobile device, represented by a photograph that we shared with our humankind20141123_105347_700 (1) community.

In these digital-round spaces, the mobile Google Glass device digitally captured these photographs represented by spaces and places of natural peace, like the beach, and places like the vineyard,  designed for people to gather together for peace and enjoyment.

Seeking to Define Digitally Augmented Spaces

2 thoughts on “Defining Digital Moments”

    1. Thanks for asking! It is a mobile, eye-glass worn computer, designed as a beta device by Google.
      The Google Glass users were called Explorers, and chosen from a Twitter type contest of #ifIhadGlass .
      It was first called Project Glass and renamed Google Glass. It had over 8,000 people from the USA and then it opened up the Explorer program to many countries and then ended the Explorer Program over one year ago. There are most likely a few hundred original Explorers, like myself, still using the Google Glass device and posting photos and videos on the Google Plus Community.

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