CCeH team – lunch break

The CCeH has continued to grow in the last 12 month. As of today we are 31 colleagues and 3 visiting scholars. This is the “mensa express” fraction of today on its way to lunch at 12:30 as every day:

Not looking happy? Maybe hungry …

From left to right: Misha (DiXiT Fellow), Andrew (Visiting Scholar, Notre Dame), Peter (Burger-Project, Academy projects), Katharina (Data Center for the Humanities), Marcel (Digital Papyrus Collection), Sebastian (Luhmann project), Reinhard (PhD student), Adalbert (Mongolian Oral Literature), Patrick (everything and nothing), Marcello (Capitularia project et al.), Anna (Visiting Scholar, Verona), Gioele (Averroes project), Jonathan (Data Center), Nils (Capitularia project)

It has been a ritual for many years: always goin to the Mensa. But recently we established the new format “CCeH gourmet” – exploring other nearby snack bars, like the Korean “Bibim Boy” which is, no joke, a copy shop and a restaurant at the same time, in the same room. Part two of the lunch break ritual is the coffee break at the famous Cologne University Pizza Container

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