Every day I try to reserve the mornings to the “real work” and the bigger projects. The meeting marathon starts after lunch and coffee. One of the meetings of today is about the good old “Book of the Dead”-project

Book of the Dead-Meeting

See the Day of DH post by Ulrike Henny’s Day of DH 2016 (second from left) on the background: The afterlife of the Book of the Dead

CCeH team – lunch break

The CCeH has continued to grow in the last 12 month. As of today we are 31 colleagues and 3 visiting scholars. This is the “mensa express” fraction of today on its way to lunch at 12:30 as every day:

Not looking happy? Maybe hungry …

From left to right: Misha (DiXiT Fellow), Andrew (Visiting Scholar, Notre Dame), Peter (Burger-Project, Academy projects), Katharina (Data Center for the Humanities), Marcel (Digital Papyrus Collection), Sebastian (Luhmann project), Reinhard (PhD student), Adalbert (Mongolian Oral Literature), Patrick (everything and nothing), Marcello (Capitularia project et al.), Anna (Visiting Scholar, Verona), Gioele (Averroes project), Jonathan (Data Center), Nils (Capitularia project)

It has been a ritual for many years: always goin to the Mensa. But recently we established the new format “CCeH gourmet” – exploring other nearby snack bars, like the Korean “Bibim Boy” which is, no joke, a copy shop and a restaurant at the same time, in the same room. Part two of the lunch break ritual is the coffee break at the famous Cologne University Pizza Container

2016 – What has changed?

My last day of DH was May, 19th, 2015. What has changed since then?

Well, quite a lot this time: I declined a job offer from Basel University for a Associate Professorship in Digital Humanities and accepted a combined offer from the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts and the University of Cologne to stay under improved conditions. So I now have a better job and have been appointed to a “extraordinary professor”. The new job description has 90% for work as “DH coordination of the academy” and 10% work at the CCeH.

That was really a hard choice. Felt like choosing between champaign and champaign.


Some days ago a venerable President (which I never met before) of a dignified Academy for the Sciences in an advisory board meeting saluted me with “ah, the generation tatoo”. And I was like “what?!” – since I don’t have any tatoo. “What is he talking about?” – I mean, I am generation pre-tatoo, I am generation earring. Until I understood that he was looking at my laptop:

The tool of the DHer
The tool of the DHer – generation tatoo???

Please compare to the picture from last year.



For some time now, I have changed the office. While in 2014 my room was on the CCeH headquarter floor, now I am in the neighbouring building. Or, from the point of view of the university, I have moved from building 111 to building 112. So, now we have a new dependance …

Entrance to 112


You are real as soon as there is an offcial sign on the wall. “Cologne Center for eHumanities – Akademiekooperation” (academy cooperation) is the new division of CCeH


My current office. I share it with Colleagues Ulrike Henny, Sebastian Zimmer, Martina Gödel, Agnes Thomas and Marie Sauer