Day of DH, from Wheaton College, Mansfield, MA

Really, this has been a very satisfying #DayofDH so far, even if I *have* spent the last half-hour messing with WordPress errors and with trying to get a Google slides presentation to embed properly without success (win some, lose some, no matter how long you’ve been working with computers.)

I’ll try and post again later tonight, but for now, here is a link  to the presentation on Visible Prices I gave today at the Medea workshop at Wheaton College, organized largely by Kathryn Tomasek.

There are notes in the Notes field that almost capture everything I said. Comments and questions welcome, but I’ll be working more on this in the coming weeks, and I am so very grateful to Kathryn for making me part of the gathering. This is the first time that I’ve spoken about VP to a crowd of people with directly related expertise, and it was mildly terrifying, but also just excellent.