• Talisa Caldwell posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    9:00 – 12:00:

    I was fortunate enough to sleep in until 9:00am this morning which I really needed as I was up until 4:00am the previous day working on homework and coding in TEI!! I started my morning off with a nice hot shower, bowl of cereal, cup of tea and then proceeded to make my green smoothie to get me through the day. I enjoyed my last classes of my undergrad degree at UBCO. I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM GRADUATING WITH MY FIRST OF TWO BACHELOR DEGREES…WOOOHOOO!!!
    I managed not to cry during my last class as it was not only my last class of my degree but it was also my professors last class EVER at UBCO. After sitting through my classmate’s final presentations I sat out in the courtyard and enjoyed the sunshine before I hide myself in my apartment for the next two weeks while I write final papers, create final projects and study for final exams all while I work. I guess that is what “adulting” is all about. Any who, I suppose this is my ‘good morning’ post to the Day of DH 2016.