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  • I used a word doc to write all of my blog posts, so I could save a back up copy to provide my professor in case she needed to see them… well of course as I was copying and pasting my posts my computer dies. Argh!!! Thank goodness I used a word doc as a back up plan. Good night DH world and sweet dreams!

  • 9:30-11:00
    I planned on writing my Day of DH posts at the end of the day so I could reflect on it, rather than updating throughout my day. I call this time my reflection time. I wanted to look back on my day and the semester and reflect on what I have learned and what experiences I have had.
    I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to the…[Read more]

  • 4:00 – 8:00
    Well I finally began writing my Psychology paper and I actually finished a rough draft. Thank goodness our school library’s website is fantastic! Indexes and Databases and Advanced Search you are a dream come true. I particularly love using the data base called Ulrichsweb. It is a great tool to utilize as it confirms or denies whe…[Read more]

  • 12:30-3:30
    Binge watch Netflix …. Check!
    Procrastinate essay writing…. Check!
    Eat grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch…. Check!
    Continue to procrastinate while surfing an array of apps on my android…. Check!
    Think it is a good idea to start a new TV series during the final two weeks of school…. Check!

  • 9:00 – 12:00:

    I was fortunate enough to sleep in until 9:00am this morning which I really needed as I was up until 4:00am the previous day working on homework and coding in TEI!! I started my morning off with a nice hot shower, bowl of cereal, cup of tea and then proceeded to make my green smoothie to get me through the day. I enjoyed my last c…[Read more]

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    Liam that is a cool project!! I definitely think that a lot of people would utilize that tool! Thank you for posting it.

  • Well after a long day of school, work, and homework I am finally sitting down to contribute to the Day of DH 2016!

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