• Sarah Clark posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    With all this talk DH and computers today I am taking the time to ponder how different my life would be without the technology that we use with computer programming

    1. I would be late to everything because I use my phone as an alarm. I probably set at least 6 alarms every morning (they go off every 15mins) and then use the timer to give myself that 5 extra minutes to stay in bed. And finally I have another 2 alarms set for when I should probably leave the house and when I need to leave in the next 30 seconds or be late for work.
    2. I would not be able to use my mac for things like Facebook, Netflix, Pinterest and the occasional homework assignment (I may need to rethink my priorities)
    3. Work would be a nightmare because in the pharmacy that I work in we have everything a computer to tell us when what people are taking, their refills, what drugs interact with everything. It actually makes me panic a little bit to think about how the store functioned without computers
    4. My breaks would be lonely because I wouldn’t get to talk to my best friend who is in England because I would have no iMessage and I would have to wait for the mail to arrive (or even if I had to wait till I was home to get a email!) instead of instantly know what she was doing (and my phone does an excellent job of telling me the time where she lives so I know I would wake her up when I message her)
    5. When I am getting ready for bed I wouldn’t be able to use my kindle (yes I know there is such thing as a book but it is very hard to try and hold a book open with one hand and brush your teeth with the other. The kindle is just a tad more convenient.