• Sarah Clark posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    I find that I take technology for granted a lot. Like today I was at work (Im a pharmacy assistant) and someone asked how to spell ‘continuously’. Now I am very much a visual speller so I have to write the word down or spell it in the air in order to tell someone how to spell a word. And there were people that were trying to give suggested spelling but my response was “just use autocorrect on your phone.” I am an awful speller and so very thankful to whoever created spellcheck and autocorrect (while writing this post I have probably seen the red squiggly line of shame about 6 times). We have so much technology at our disposal everyday does anyone actually think about the time and energy that goes into creating something with code? I learned that while trying to do my encoded chapter. I sat down and thought I would be done in 1-3hrs no problem. Well yes problem!!! I took me something like 8 hours to do my code. Now if it takes me 8hrs to do something fairly straight forward and not fancy at all I couldn’t even begin to image the amount of time and energy and frustration (when you forget that ONE pointy bracket and can’t figure out where it is that you are missing it) I again am very grateful to those who think outside the box and create computer things