• Sarah Clark posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    What a day! Up until I signed up for my ENGL 305 class I thought I was pretty computer savvy. I could help my mom with her computer question and even help my dad make all his words and icons so big you can see them from the other side of the room!(Well maybe not that big but you get the idea. Then I signed up for this class, an English/coding class and was suddenly way over my head!! I am a frequent internet using (I have a slight Facebook and Pinterest addiction) but never really think about what goes into creating those pages. Coding makes up everything we do on computers and I take that for granted. For one of our assignments we had to encode a chapter from “Jane Eyre.” I thought the painful part would be getting through the novel, nope it was all the coding. Learning to do the code for this assignment really showed me how computer stupid that I am. It opened up a whole new world of computers for me and makes you think about how much work has gone in to create things like Facebook and Pinterest. So I would like to say thank you to all those smart and amazing men and women who have more patience than I do for creating all the sites that I love and use to procrastinate my homework!! :)