Sarah Clark

  • Today has really made me think about how much I rely on technology. I don’t know if it is the same for everyone else or my life is just pathetic (I will shamefully admit that sometimes before I get out of bed I will check the weather on my phone rather than pulling back the blinds and looking outside) but it is a big part of my life. Would I say I…[Read more]

  • With all this talk DH and computers today I am taking the time to ponder how different my life would be without the technology that we use with computer programming

    1. I would be late to everything because I use my phone as an alarm. I probably set at least 6 alarms every morning (they go off every 15mins) and then use the timer to give myself…[Read more]

  • I find that I take technology for granted a lot. Like today I was at work (Im a pharmacy assistant) and someone asked how to spell ‘continuously’. Now I am very much a visual speller so I have to write the word down or spell it in the air in order to tell someone how to spell a word. And there were people that were trying to give suggested…[Read more]

  • What a day! Up until I signed up for my ENGL 305 class I thought I was pretty computer savvy. I could help my mom with her computer question and even help my dad make all his words and icons so big you can see them from the other side of the room!(Well maybe not that big but you get the idea. Then I signed up for this class, an English/coding…[Read more]

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