Made it to Vancouver in one piece! Right now there’s like 20 of us in a relatively fancy pizza place – the menu has a bunch of words on it like “Contorni” and “Entrata”, which are too fancy for me to understand.

The drive down was pretty beautiful too. We got to see the sunset over the city and everythingggg. Otherwise it was pretty uneventful? Five hours of straight driving, so.

Thats it for the day, I guess! I hope everyone had a great Day of DH, it’s been fun!

Further Distractions

This is my lovely cat, Julian:


(not the greatest quality picture, I know, but LOOK AT THAT FACE ❤️❤️❤️)

He’s fantastic, but hes also still pretty young (less than two years old) and he is chock full of energy. I’m having a very bad time focussing because he just wants to play and I just want to not do this homework and hang out with my cat instead.

DH Reflections, and Further Documentation of my Own Procrastination

I noticed the little “customize” button at the top of my site and have been messing around with that a little bit instead of doing the things I’m supposed to be doing, whoopssss. I’ve also been browsing around other peoples’ sites and whatnot – it’s really interesting seeing what other people have to say and share!

This whole “day of DH” thing is pretty neat. We talked in class about how DH has a lot to do with building things as a way of knowing, and I think it’s really interesting how this initiative does that on such a large scale! There’s so many people contributing little bits of information about their daily lives and about the things they’re doing, and I think it’s cool that something’s going to get done with all that information.

Anyway, update on my life I guess: finally managed to redye my hair, finished packing for the trip, ate another bowl of cereal because breakfast foods are basically all I ever eat anymore. Like, second breakfast is a regular thing, and third and fourth breakfasts are not uncommon either. Breakfast is especially great because it’s so easy to find meatless options, and as a lazy vegetarian, I really appreciate that.

I have not worked on those journals I still have to do, and I have not finished off that cover letter I need to send in to a potential future job by the end of this weekend. Also I’m leaving in two hours and I absolutely do not want to have obligations to do while I’m on this trip – I’m planning on taking some time to actually relax for once in my life.

Ooookay. I’ve poured myself another cup of coffee, and I think I’m actually ready to get down to business again.


So I got mason bees this year for the first time. I put them out about a week ago and I’m a little worried about them? Haven’t seen any action at all, and it’s been pretty warm out. My understanding was that they’re supposed to come out in late March or early April, so it feels like its getting a little late in the season.

Also though, this is the first time I’ve had them and I’m not really sure what to expect other than bees, eventually. Maybe everything is fine.


I can’t actually tell if accidentally sleeping in on a day like today is one of the best feelings or one of the worst. One the one hand, I’m like three hours behind on my homework schedule. On the other hand, extra sleep is sooooo nice. And I think I should be fine for homework in the long run? Just might wind up having to do some of it on the drive up to Vancouver today.

Oh, speaking of Vancouver, I might as well explain about that! I’m part of the UBC Okanagan acapella group, and we’re headed up this weekend to sing with the UBC Van groups at their year-end show thing (which is Harry Potter themed and is cheesily named ‘Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them’. Acapella’s like that, I guess). I’m heading down with four of my friends at around four this afternoon, and we’re staying until Monday. I’m not sure how prepared we are for the actual show – we literally learned two of our three songs in about 6 hours over the past week – but the trip itself looks like it’s going to be fun!

Alright. Gonna go do more stuff or something.

Time Flies and I Wish I Were Sleeping (Early Apr 8)

Happy Day of DH, friends! Technically, anyway. It is 12:53 in the morning and I am absolutely nowhere near ready for bed – I have a whole bunch of journals to finish writing, a friend’s essay to edit, a shower to take, and packing for a trip to get done. Fortunately, my caffeine consumption for today was well above average, so I might live. I *was* also going to try to redye my hair tonight, but I think that might be a bit of a stretch at this point.

Today (yesterday?) was my last full day of classes, which is pretty cool I guess! It feels nice to have that out of the way for now. I had two presentations – one for my DH class in the morning, and one for my lit class on same-sex desire on early modern England in the afternoon. I think they both went pretty well! The DH presentation was about some critical apparatuses we made to help readers understand Jane Eyre. My group made a bunch of visualizations representing the various elements discussed in the text (the Victorians looooved their natural imagery and metaphors) and the way they were used. Mostly, it was really cool to see what the other groups came up with and even to learn a little bit more about things that are in the text itself. The gay lit presentation was on “Venus in the Cloister”, which was interesting. Its a seminar class too, so we got to talk about it as a group too. It was definitely good to hear everyone else’s input and perspectives on it – it contains a whole bunch of political discourse and context that I hadn’t much about before the class, so I really enjoyed talking about that.

Aaaanyway. It’s 1:06 AM now and I got things to do.
Over n out