Hello Day of DH 2016!

orchidHere again, after participating last year and in 2012. Last year I was in the office in Würzburg, today I am in Cologne. I work at the University of Würzburg as a member of the CLiGS group (see our group’s blog, as well, where my colleague José Calvo already did some posting!). I left the CCeH officially last year at the end of July which still feels strange after having been there for four years. But as I continue to live in Cologne (my 2-person-family is based here), when not staying in the cosy little room in Gerbrunn, my former colleagues still tolerate me in their ‘DH castle’ when I am here. Thank you! The room is another one, but the plants are still there, just like in 2012. One is new, the orchid.

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