Defining DH

I think we are all digital humanists in this era. It is the “digital age” after all. Today I left my phone on the bus. A Friday night… Which means that if it was (fingers crossed) rescued and moved to lost and found, I still won’t be able to see it until Monday. Losing it, and on the day of dh nonetheless, has made me realize how much I rely on that tiny computer. Practically everything is planned last-minute these days because of our cellphones. We talk to so many people at once, all about different things, and without having to see them in person. Craziness. I still have my laptop, but my phone contained all of my modes of communication. I have been learning Korean on there. I have apps for studying (like flashcards, etc.) and apps for communicating and language exchange. If you’re learning a language, check out Hellotalk. I have made so many new friends on there and learned a lot.

So, in light of losing my phone, the digital humanities is about communicating, sharing, and building through computers and other forms of technology. From the simplest act of sending your friends snapchats throughout the day, you are being a digital humanist (of sorts haha).

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