When coffee doesn’t work for you anymore

I just had two cups of coffee and I believe caffeine has lost its effect of me.

Here I am typing away … reflecting on my day and my DIHU course.
So what would I like to learn next? I’m interested in learning about different programming languages like Javascript, and learning how to build an app for mobile use. I like to gain a better understanding of how these interfaces communicate with one another and how software programming works. I’ve been intimidated by these digital languages but now that I’ve stepped my toes in some of the possibilities, I’m recognizing A) the importance B) the advantage.

Everything evolves, even language as I mentioned in my last post is constantly evolving. I think it’s important to have a good foundation but also to keep up with the times that we live in. Coding and software development are key skills that have become necessary in our times. Whether it is operating a business or writing a blog, an understanding of digital tools will allow you to become accessible to a wider range of people across the globe.

TROUBLESHOOTING – this is one thing that “troubles me” (no pun intended) in the digital world. Trying to figure out why something is not working, and how to make it look perfect. Through introspection, I’m starting to accept that sometimes you have to just submit what you have because fretting over every little detail will just consume more time. I dwell too much in making things perfect but at the same time, I love learning.

Here is a screen shot of my bibliography in the class project we had to do. I had a lot of issues with Troubleshooting. Deciphering the error message took me one hour ! Haha. But this is how you learn. Through trial and error.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.08.06 AM

Memes …

Memes – who came up with them? They are our generations way of communicating and making things –
” # ” “so relatable”

Slang is rapidly changing the English language- and I think this rapid change is largely because of things going viral. I bet 20 years from now we are going to have annotations on correct grammar. People nowadays are constantly saying things like
Getting my hair “did” or With “bae”


and who made this spelling choice of what to “whut?” – Was this intentional? Is it for humour? #digital consequences

Last day of class

Alrighty, my videos aren’t uploading,

So it’s past 12:00, it’s become night of DH now for me…(or DAY OF DH PART 2 since technically it’s morning now) still trying to figure out how to navigate this page, but life has become mostly digital, and thus I shall have to learn to adapt. Although – I am using my iphone 24/7….

Today was the last day of classes at UBCO.
I had a group presentation that went really well. We used power point to showcase our findings. #digitalvisuals

I’ve realized I use google and you-tube on a daily basis.
It makes me reflect on a class discussion in my DIHU class this semester about how google really changed the internet in having an organized way to find things. It’s hard to imagine life without google. My childhood memory of computers goes back to third grade when we were learning to create geocities? Something like that, with those really big and colourful apple desktops. Flash forward a couple decades later, I’m still using digital tools but in a different way.

Later, I went to see a prof regarding an essay topic. Again we used a search engine to find information – alhtough this time we looked at the ubc library search engine to filter academic related content.

And now, I am blogging and you are reading. Still making use of the digital world.

ON a side note> does anyone know how to upload a vlog?

I had an idea for this blog – to upload some vlogs, make it more interesting, yet again, I’m having technical difficulties.

My First Digital Humanities Class

I took a digital humanities class this semester with Professor Dr. Crompton at the University of British Columbia Okanagan.

It was challenging for me because it was like learning a new language, yet also rewarding to see how digital humanities produce research questions that can be analyzed with digital tools. Using visualizations like graphs with google fusion, Raw Density Design, Voyant, etc. are helpful in showcasing knowledge in a useful way. Prior to this class, I had no idea these tools were available.

Seeing our editions of Jane Eyre come together was the most exciting part. I was very overwhelmed at first because I kept getting red tags in Oxygen editor, but there was I point where I didn’t have the professor’s help and I was trying to figure out why I was receiving an error message. When I figured it out, it was really rewarding!

On my next post, I will show you a few video clips relating to our class project!


Lets get started

Okay so it’s Friday night and I’m listening to Julia and Angus stone – , http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvD7a2fRV7A

It is April 8th, at 10:40 pm, and I’m just starting to figure out how to navigate through this. Blogging is something I’ve always been interested in, as my friend and I are trying to create an annoynmous blog with a relatable subject matter for our generation. SHHH it’s a secret. (Where is spell check? )

I’m currently drinking coffee as I have a ton to do, and fighting a cold is not the most pleasant thing.

Time is a a really interesting concept for me. The digital world has become a tool to preserve our memories, and archives all the thoughts that we’ve happened to post. This, frightens me. :O !!!

I was going through my Facebook a while a go and I realize how much I’ve changed, and how much I have to censor !! I have created an alias name now with Instagram and other social media platforms.

This is why posting things online gives me so much anxiety. A part of your identity lasts forever somewhere on the web. I like to be anonymous in a world where privacy ceases to exist. Although lately I feel like I should create an LinkedIN account – for networking purposes… Alors, c’est la vie… I have to do this for a class assignment.