1 DH Day Down, 364 More To Go and We’ll See You All Again Next Year!

Our first Day of DH has been documented mostly on our Twitter account. However, we do want to share with the friendly DH community a recap on how our 8th of April looked like. You can find a concise (Storify) version of our day here.

It’s been a positive day for us (you’ll read in the story above some of the reasons why) and we enjoyed reading everyone’s updates on their DH activities! Already looking forward to the next editions of Day of DH and we hope to meet you all offline as well!

(Digi)Greetings from Cluj Napoca!

Hands-on Activity Dedicated to Literary Cartography

Today, on the occasion of Day of DH 2016, the master students of the two MA programmes offered by the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, MMC (Multilingual and Multicultural Communication) and LCDI (Literature and Civilization – Cross-Cultural Dialogue in the Francophone World), will complete a hands-on activity dedicated to literary cartography, based on novels whose actions take place in Paris. This activity will be conducted within the framework of the Introduction to Geocriticism course at the Faculty of Letters in Cluj Napoca.

Geocriticism is based on literary analysis over space and aims at being an interdisciplinary read, an interface between disciplines as diverse as literature, geography, architecture, philosophy, geopolitics, urbanism – all of which hold space as a matter of study. The geocriticism method follows four directions: multifocalisation, polisensoriality, stratigraphy and intertextuality.

Starting with this theory, a hands-on activity will be conducted. The MA students will learn to create an XCEL database starting from certain features, will note the travelling of the chatacters, the description of the locations, which they will transform it afterwards in a map, using a specific opensource software.

The hands-on activity will be coordinated by our Director and our DH Centre’s experts in cartography.

Hello world!

Instead of a “Hello world” first blog post…

Hello everybody,

We are excited to take part in this online event and are looking forward to meeting you all, be it online or offline!

Until we are properly introduced offline, here‘s a little something about ourselves (online) to get an idea about who we are and what we do.

You can also take a peek at the two posters that our colleague Voica recently presented in Oslo at the First Digital Humanities Conference in the Nordic countries, summarizing our experience in setting up the first digital humanities research centre in Romania:

(Digi)Greetings from Cluj Napoca!