Ripon College & Lawrence University – Digital Liberal Arts Discussions

How do two nearby liberal arts schools connect their visions for DH across their institutions?  During the 2016 Day of DH, Ripon College and Lawrence University discussed options for collaborating on DH projects that span research and curricular goals.  These discussions were followed by a workshop April 9th in which faculty, librarians, and technologists combined their ideas for innovative and sustainable collaborations!

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Hello world of DH!

Angel David Nieves and Janet Thomas Simons are traveling today to Ripon College & Lawrence University to visit with colleagues developing DH programs. We are looking forward to conversations with Rebecca Matzke, Andy Prellwitz, and Peter Blitstein!   During Day of DH 2016   we will blog to document some of our activities over these two days of presentations and discussions about DH collaboration across institutions.