My DH Projects – 8:10pm

I suppose I should take some time to discuss the two projects that I’ve worked on in my Digital Humanities course this last semester.  My primary project was one that I called The Robert G. Elliott Preservation Project.  The purpose of this project was to digitize Robert G. Elliott’s autobiography, which has not been available since 1940.  For this project, I used one chapter from the book, and used it as a sort of proof-of-concept for myself.  For the most part, this project was an exercise for me to update my knowledge of HTML, as well as learn how to use CSS and OCR software.  I’ve had an interest in learning how to use OCR software for quite some time, as I believe that it could serve incredibly useful for my own research in the future.  I may also digitize archived materials in the future; knowing how to use OCR could definitely help make archived material far more useful.

HTMLAnother project that I did was a video based on Stephen Brier’s chapter “Where’s the Pedagogy? The Role of Teaching and Learning in the Digital Humanities” from Matthew K. Gold’s Debates in the Digital Humanities.  While I discuss the content of the chapter in the video, my goal was to make the video itself a digital pedagogical piece.  Since my ultimate goal is to remain in academia, and teach at the post-secondary level, this chapter resonated with me.