What Does #TSS Suggest You? Try to tweet #TSS #DAC

Would you try to guess what TSS mean?

Some of the Tweets you could find, here and there, on Twitter, are following. What would be yours?

Could TSS mean a GLAM-orous Timid Skeleton Singing? coming soon at with

Still thinking TSS means Toy Sand Showel? coming soon at with ,

Not Technical Support Service either! coming soon at with ,




Welcome to the DAC-o-DAC!

The Dedicated After Class of the Digital Antiquity Club would like to share with you the enjoyable ways of studying Antiquity thanks to digital tools: Digital Autoptic Processes, Teaching (Digital) Epigraphy with MarkOut a linking an communication tool to dialogue across countries.

Thanks to Wikipedia, one of the most emblematic result of the digital era, discover what “dacodac” means in French and in which movie this old word was employed for the French version of the film: https://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/dacodac

Our Day of DH16: Digital Classical Studies are Instructive and Enjoyable

Students are gathering for the enjoyment and the academic practice of working with primary sources in history. A taste of the “valeur d’ancienneté” of the archaeological artifact.

The following picture was took on the Day of Dh 2016.



Their mascot, Yeti, hasn’t really contributed much. He gets an ‘F’.


Friday Night Fever During Canadian Winter #DAC #TSS

Every Friday, at the end of the afternoon, students of the Department of Classics, at the Mount Alison University (Sackville, NB, Canada) are gathering to work on Digital Autoptic Processes, digitized and digitization of primary sources. With their Professor, Bruce Robertson, the Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale of Pisa and the Archeological Museum of Zagreb (leading institution), they are particularly engaged in a project named TSS.

As you can see, they are here absorbed in deciphering something on their screen, stored far away, in Croatia: some mysterious Roman commercial handwritten tiny lead tags.