Wrapping up Day of DH 2016

Writing a quick wrap-up post for my Day of DH 2016, because I’m still at work and will likely stay here or another hour or so – I haven’t finished everything on my to-do list from earlier!

I still need to work on completing questionnaires for the upcoming preservation consultant visit – it’s taken me so much longer to collect data on the history of the library building maintenance, who has keys to what doors, and fill in gaps of knowledge in our inventory numbers (I counted all of our archives microfilm yesterday because it had never really been inventoried before) than I thought it would! I’m nearly done with the report/questionnaire on our physical holdings, but I have a few more hours left to finish the report on our digital holdings.

Pictures taken during the HIS/GER 433 book-mkaing practice session this afternoon.
Pictures taken during the HIS/GER 433 book-making practice session this afternoon.

The HIS/GER 433 group project meeting on our chapbook/scrapbook went very well – Gabriel Ford from the English department joined us and brought along his book-making supplies, so we ended up constructing a tiny practice book together (we all folded paper, Colin cut a thicker paper for the cover, Hannah Grace made holes for binding the spine with an awl, Amanda sewed the binding with wax-covered thread, and then Colin cut the extra thread and test drove actually opening the book). We also came to some decisions about paper size, type, and workflow for constructing the final product – due to be completed by May 2nd!

My meeting at the Pines retirement community also went very well – it was great to pick Bob Cooke’s brain about his project to “take on and emulate a university press,” including hearing about his friendship and work with Ken King (as encapsulated by this lecture, “The Origin and History of the Internet,” given by Ken King and uploaded to Cornell’s IR by Bob Cooke. You can see more about the Internet-First University Press here.

Paperwork, inventories, book-making, and meetings – I’ve had a pretty non-digital heavy Day of DH, although all of these activities are part of a larger picture that definitely is DH!

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