Paper Complete… Signing off.

My Day of DH has been an interdisciplinary one.


It started out with my Writing with Media workshop which went well. We went outside and spent some time out in the sun, which is always a pleasure. The video poem was a lot of fun to make, and I was really thrilled to apply my creative practice to something a little bit different than what I have ever done before. It turned out really well, and I am proud of the work I put in.


From there, I was immediately sucked into the portal that was that research paper. I’m happy to report that it’s now finished, and I can part ways with that clutter of research that I collected while doing it. Still waiting on that magical research portal to come and save us undergrads from the pains of doing it all.

Maybe I’m the problem.


Finishing the day with an exhausted sigh. I’m looking forward to the future, and my work in the digital humanities really has me pushing for something a little bit more interdisciplinary in my last year as an undergraduate.


Until then…

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