Only 20 minutes left!

Wow I am still awake!

There is only 20 minutes left in the day of DH! It has been a blast! This has been a wonderful experience. Although I have been rather busy today, I did take the time to check out @candicelipski and @dehal94 ‘s pages and read their posts a little. I am kind of jealous of the amount of activity that Aman received on his page…. Mind you the majority of my posts were hidden for the majority of the day (too bad too, some of them were golden :p). Alright only 15 mins left now!

My essay is at 6 pages and I need 8 total, so all in all I think I have done remarkably well this evening considering I had to redo my topic after having already written half of my original essay :/was not a happy panda.

Thank you to everyone who read my scattered and caffeine driven (and inspired) posts.

(And if no one did…. well it sucks to be you, I think I’m hilarious, but again this could be the caffeine talking)

I think I am going to miss this blog, my Facebook friends would hate me if I posted this much though.

DH- where you get bonus points in class for blogging all day about the essay you don’t want to write and the coffee you drank to get you through it.

Good night, Guten Nacht, and Buenos Noches DH World, its been fun.

Writing break

So to take a break from essay writing, I am choosing to write on here in stead. logic.

Has anyone else discovered the magic of advanced PDF viewers?! You can highlight the PDF! and then save it! So handy!

Okay so I think the caffeine has set in, one can of Pepsi has 38mg of caffiene. Is that a lot? Let us compare!

Redbull-77.4/ 8.4 fl oz can

Pepsi- 38mg/355ml can

Coffee-71.2g/ 6 fluid ounces

Green tea-depends on the brand! an average of 62mg/14 fl oz

Black tea-35.6mg/ 6 fluid ounces

Moral of the story is that I should be drinking Redbull.

Thanks Google for the brain break!


How to Essay

How to write a paper in an evening.
step one: cry a little, just get it over with, this is the denial stage
step two: eat some foods while rethinking your paper topic, and reforming your argument
step three: read a bunch of things and collect quotes
step four: stay hydrated at all costs
step five: stay caffeinated at all costs
step six: just write as much as you can about one thing. if you get stuck just start a paragraph about something else
step seven: eat chocolate
step eight: eat a blizzard
step nine: consider exercising regularly once the school year is over
step ten: blog about it
step eleven: return to your paper and keep writing, half of it you will not keep anyways, but it is easier to delete than it is to add.

Wait.. are updates not posts?

wait so now I am confused…. are my updates I have been making all day different than a post? If so then Constance please forgive me! This site confuses me, most likely because I am so used to very user friendly sites such as Facebook. I hope people can see my updates… because if not then this was a terrible experiment on my part, I feel like I needed a “how to day of DH” pamphlet prior to today, I seemed to have nothing but troubles with the site.

UBCO in the sun!

It is 26 degrees in the sun today! So beautiful in the sunshine! Just finished my very last class of the semester! A very cool lecture on Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra and the concepts of emasculation and augery. Now just chilling with my Paleoethnobotany class, enjoying some drinks and the conversation of some wonderful ladies :)